10 Years Younger Facial


To stimulate collagen production in all areas around the eyes, mouth and neck, this luxury & uplifting facial will leave you with a glowing, plumped youthful complexion. Main ingredients: Geranium (Prevents lose skin), lavender (stimulates cell regeneration, detoxifying) & Patchouli (relaxing & uplifting)

Re-hydrating Facial


To combat dry & exhausted aged skin, ideal for people outdoors, Protects you from the elements and deeply moisturises. Sweet almond oil (rich in vitamin E), avocado oil (penetrates upper layers; plumps up fine lines and wrinkles), evening primrose oil (stimulates exhausted skin), Elemi & Jasmine essential oil (combats dryness).

Holistic Balancing Facial


To balance your skins PH level, designed for combination skin, detoxifying and refreshing your complexion, also rebalancing skin tone and cleansing of the pores. Sweet almond oil (rich in vitamin E), wheat germ oil (nourishing, natural antioxidant, excellent for balancing mature skin), orange oil (de-stressing, tension release, anti fatigue), grapefruit oil (detoxifying, skin toning), patchouli oil (combination skin, nourishing for open pores)

Regenerating Facial


To repair damaged skin, perfect for smokers and sun damage, this nourishing facial will help reduce & repair existing pigmentation complaints & fine lines. Sweet almond oil (rich in vitamin E), peach kernel oil (prevents skin dehydration), rosehip oil (vitamin c, omega 3, regenerating, fine lines) rose oil ( dry skin, wrinkle reduction, helps poor circulation), neroli oil (skin nourishing and protective) sandalwood (dry & damaged skin, detoxifying tonic).

Acne Prone/Problematic Facial


A collection of natural fruit ingredients perfectly balanced in light botanical base full of Antioxidants which pacifies & purifys bacteria from the skin. Main ingredients: Lemongrass (improves circulation, Antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic) Cucumber (pacifying) & Grapeseed (anti-oxidant, anti-histamine, anti microbial).

Mini Facial Treatment

½ Hour


Vacuum Suction Facial

Deep Cleansing

1 session


Course of 6


Non-Surgical Face Lifts

To stimulate, firm & work muscle fibres & smooth wrinkles.

1 session


10 sessions



A non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. Regenerates new skin cells, speeds up cellular renewal. Great for acne, anti-ageing, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, scars, stretch marks and so much more.

1 session


With infra-red